Portfolio Companies

Below is a selection of investments made by limited partners invested in Seneca Creek Partners.

Advanced Network Solutions designs and builds networks and provides managed services. ANS is headquartered in Nashville and serves clients throughout the Mid-South. www.ansolutions.com

Ascentia Home Health Care is a leading provider of home health services in Western Florida. www.ascentiahhc.com

Based in Moline, IL, Avadyne Health provides receivable management services primarily for healthcare providers. The company assists its clients in converting their receivables into cash as quickly as possible by communicating with third-party payors or patients and shepherding the payment process. Avadyne focuses primarily on patient-responsible balances and manages the process from the time a receivable is generated, all the way to cases of delinquent debt. www.avadynehealth.com

Berkeys is a leading plumbing, heating and air conditioning company serving the suburbs of Dallas and Ft. Worth. www.berkeys.com

ConsumerAffairs.com is the premier web destination for user complaints regarding products and services. Jim Edmunds is a member of the Board of Directors following the acquisition in September 2010. www.consumeraffairs.com

Data Fusion Technologies, Inc. provides customized software and consulting work for law firms relying on the Elite billing system. www.dftech.com

Based in Philadelphia, Griswold Special Care is a leading provider of high quality, affordable non-medical home care to the elderly and disabled. Over its 27 year history, Griswold has grown to 100 corporate and franchise locations. www.griswoldspecialcare.com

HemaSource is a leading supplier of medical products to the blood and plasma collection industries. The company operates facilities in Utah and Tennessee. www.hemasource.com

Based in Dayton, OH, iNet Interactive is a collection of community-driven web sites that cater to a highly technical membership, primarily web programmers, web hosting managers and data base administrators. iNet gets its revenue from advertising and subscription payments. There are 25 properties in total, the most prominent of which are www.hotscripts.com, www.webhostingtalk.com annd www.dbforums.com. The sites are leaders in their categories and are attractive to internet advertisers. With the increasing traction of the advertising model on the internet, iNet has very promising growth potential. www.inetinteractive.com

Industrial Specialties Chemicals, Inc. consults companies on their waste water issues and manufactures unique best-in-class treatment products. www.iscwater.com

Medical Positioning, Inc is a nationally recognized manufacturer of beds, tables, and chairs for use in medical exams and procedures. The company is a market leader in patient positioning for echocardiography, and its equipment resides in over 40 of the "Top 50 Hospitals" as determined by US News and World Report. www.medicalpositioning.com

OnRamp Access is the leading provider of Internet operations support and data center services in the Central Texas market. www.onr.com

RIA in a Box is a fast-growing, entrepreneurial financial services firm, providing the leading number of registrations and ongoing compliance services to RIAs throughout the United States. Our mission is to enable fellow entrepreneurs to establish their own firms and remain in compliance with regulatory guidelines. www.riainabox.com

SFL Data is a leading provider of electronic discovery solutions for litigation attorneys at both law firms and corporations nationwide. SFL Data manages data for their clients from initial preservation and collection, through analysis and review, to production and trial. www.sfldata.com

StaffOne is a rapidly growing Professional Employer Organization (PEO) located in Texas with additional offices in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee, and clients in 31 states across the country. StaffOne manages all aspects of human resources including payroll, benefits, workers compensation coverage, retirement plans and other personnel services, allowing business clients to focus on their core competencies. www.staffone.com

UCIT Online provides remote video monitoring and security services to manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and warehouses. UCIT is based in Toronto and is expanding across Canada. www.ucitonline.com

United Layer operates data centers in San Francisco and Los Angeles. www.unitedlayer.com

Verengo is the leading installer of residential solar systems in Southern California. www.goverengo.com

VRI is one of the largest providers of telehealth monitoring, monitored medication dispensing and adherence solutions, and medical alert systems in the country. VRI's services enable seniors, the chronically ill, and those with disabilities to maintain their independence and avoid long-term care facilities, and avoid preventable ER use, hospitalization and hospital readmission. The company currently serves more than 70,000 active clients across the United States. www.monitoringcare.com

From its headquarters in Omaha, NE, WebEquity Solutions provides enterprise level lending solutions for banks in North America and Australia with assets ranging from $10 million to $500 billion. Web Equity Manager ® is the leading Software as a Service lending solution in the marketplace today and provides a single system of record for processing credit across all lending disciplines. www.webequitysolutions.com

Located in Minneapolis, MN, Asset Recovery provides end-of-life solutions for computer and electronic equipment for businesses and individuals. www.assetrecoverycorp.com

Behavioral Health Group (BHG) is a leading provider of substance abuse treatment services. The company is currently expanding its network of treatment centers for opioid addiction and related behavioral health disorders.

ProService Hawaii is a Professional Employer Organization based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Search Fund Partners invested in ProService in October 2005, after having worked with the executive team for over two years during their search efforts. ProService is the largest independent PEO in the state of Hawaii, offering a complete range of HR-related services including payroll and payroll taxes, health insurance, workers compensation insurance, employee retirement plans and a variety of other services. www.proservicehawaii.com

Celebrity Kids is a high end children's portrait studio company with eighteen, primarily franchise, stores throughout the midwest and northeast. The company specializes in custom, creative portraits that capture a moment that will last a life time.

iVize is a leading provider of copying, scanning, document coding and other litigation support services to law firms in the Midwest and Southeast. iVize's operations are market leaders in their cities, occupying either the number one or number two position.